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Dec 23, 2012 10:00pm PST
: this isn't a new situation for long time menlo park homeowner ron garcia. >> in 1998 we weren't living here at the time but there was a flood in the basement and we lost our water heater, you can see the water mark. >> reporter: the couple had already put sandbags in front of the garage as they continue to monitor the flood level. we watched this man at university avenue check for storm drain blockage with his bare hands. >> it didn't become the issue until i saw brown water coming down. >> which is where this guy parked his car. after we alerted him of the water he walked out barefoot to move it. the slow traffic was forced northbound. the palo alto's emergency operation center is active within the past hour, in fact, i just talked to the chief about 10 minutes ago, the menlo park chief said they're worried right now about the levy in east palo alto. water is up and over the levy so they called an engineer out. thanks to those concerns the area is open. you can check back here in about 30 minutes we're going to give you an update and give you an update after what's going on right there. >
Dec 24, 2012 6:00pm EST
they came home from the grocery store -- best jerry garcia -- when they finally pulled up in part, i hope the window and just started shouting, might, i cite you ever get here. i need that so badly. and they just looked. and they came upstairs. for a mountain girl it was crucial because she had dirty been busted for pot can kesey and probably would've gone away at that time for many years. denard for real problem in any neighborhood. for no reason at all, there is a set up of people and so that's my story. i saved a mountain girl and jerry. [applause] >> why do we open up for questions. anybody have any questions? >> hi, i am cozy. i was fortunate and i met dad e4. i came here on the great medicine ball caravan. everyone was there. so when i arrived here, i think my first thanksgiving was spent with the members of congress. my first members was spent at the whole class over in the east bay and then came the exhibitionist in the middle. i came into london and the rock stars only make 20 pounds a month. when i met them they are, what really struck me was the inclusiveness. as you know, if y
Dec 24, 2012 7:00am PST
karina garcia y pregunto a los famosos por sus regalos >>muy buenos días, les cuento que ya se acerca la hora de dar y recibir. hablé con varios artistas y les pregunté cual ha sido el mejor regalo que han recibido >>salud, es el mejor regalo de la vida. >>la vida, creo que es el mejor regalo, es algo que vale la pena disfrutar. >>el mejor regalo, ay dios mío tengo mala memoria, el mejor regalo cuando mis hijos llegaron con mi perrito, es el consentido de la casa. >>así mismo, ellos hicieron sus ahorritos y me trajeron al perrito >>el mejor regalo mi niño de dos años y medio, lo adoro >>estar vivo he tenido que vivir algunas cosas como la muerte de jenni rivera que me ha afectado bastante y el hecho de estar vivo, uno se da cuenta que el premio es la vida. >>bueno, ya vieron lo que dijeron los famosos. ahora yo quiero saber, muchachos, cual ha sido el mejor regalo que ustedes han recibido >>un matchbox. >>que es eso >>un carrito así pequeñito >>mi regalo no es nada material, estar la semana pasada con mi familia, me callo. >>ay, mi nena. >>es el sentir hablando en serio dd la g
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)